Lamb of God Gift of Faith

Lamb of God, how Great is our Jesus. I would like to share as a Christian how Jesus has been blessing me all these years with Love, Joy, Peace and lately the Gift of Faith. At times, things just happens like miracle. I just can't help but sing praises to His name and Worship Him. May our Lord Jesus bless you abundantly and exceedingly in every aspects of your life. Let all of us Praise the Lord.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Lamb of God - We Choose To Trust In You!

Faith ends where worry begins,
and worry ends where faith begins.
O Lord, whenever we're afraid,
we'll put our trust in You
To lead, protect, and guide our ways,
And help us make it through.
Lamb of God Gift of Faith


  • At 9:17 am, Anonymous Darian said…

    WOW! Great understanding of faith. I jsut wrote a post on a really hard time in my life which sort of reienforces what your saying. If you want to look at it heres the link:

    Let me know what you think.


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