Lamb of God Gift of Faith

Lamb of God, how Great is our Jesus. I would like to share as a Christian how Jesus has been blessing me all these years with Love, Joy, Peace and lately the Gift of Faith. At times, things just happens like miracle. I just can't help but sing praises to His name and Worship Him. May our Lord Jesus bless you abundantly and exceedingly in every aspects of your life. Let all of us Praise the Lord.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Lamb of God - Life Is Not Fare!

Life Is Not Fare.

Last evening I was watching the reality show "The Apprentice", at the court room, Donald Trump said "Life is not fare. I tell you what, life is suck!"

Yea, Life Is Not Fare, but God Is Good. He Is Good All The Time and All The Time, God Is Good.

I have left my good job for a year now, venturing into online business.
Have I made it BIG?

NOPE! I am not even able to make ends meet. Especially the last few weeks, I was really very down many times, but everytime when I was down, God lifted me up with His love and mercy. He would point me to the brighten side of the journey and provide me the support.

Life nowadays is Iike roller coaster, ups and downs, and lately I am at my wit end, I am really into the red, but God is always good, when I am desperate, He always shows me a way.

God will make a way when it seems to be no way.

The past two days I was attending a seminar "Community Penetration Seminar" organised by my church. Basically, the seminar touches on the why and how we should reach out to the people who are not reached or under reached, and most of them are the poorer people, the less or not educated population. It's aim is also to share the church's vision with the church members thought there were participants from other churches.

It was a very good seminar and definitely I learnt a lot thought this was the second time I was attending this seminar.

But the thing that striked me the most was on the last day at the last hour, our Senior pastor mentioned the church is planning to have a prison ministry next year.

When I quit my job with the belief that God has called me to so, I asked God, why you asked me to leave my comfort zone and embark on this online business....... and this word flashed across my mind "Prison Ministry". I knew nothing about prison ministry, I knew no one from the prison nor prison ministry.

But the very next day when I flipped open the newspaper I saw a report stating that it is a up hill task for the ex-convict to get a job.

Wow, it striked me that I might be able to help if I am successful with my venture. I could pass down my knowledge and skill to these people and they can make a living on their own without working for someone, and most importantly is to get their dignity and confidence back.

But I knew, God wanted more from me and from them, He wants them to be saved.

I kept this in my mind. I started looking out for opportunity.

Yeah, I did manage to get some connection to the prison, but somehow I was not keen to take any further action. I just did not feel right..... I knew when it is from God, I will do it with a lot of passion and peace, so I left it as it was.

But this time, its different, when my Senior Pastor mentioned "Prison Ministry", I knew this might be the one though I need to confirm with God.

If this ministry had started this year, I would not be able to contribute as I am still learning the ropes, if it starts later part of next year, I would be much more confident to get involved.

God's timing is always perfect.

When I looked back the past one year, my life was a total different from the one I used to have.
Life then was good, I could buy anything I liked, patronized restaurant as and when I felt like it, would go for overseas holidays at least once a year. But the past one year, I even avoided eating at the eatery at the shopping certre as it cost more if I visit a hawker centre. I needed to watch every cent I spent.

There was one time at the shopping centre (happened that I passed by there), when I looked through the window seeing people picking their cloths, I was feeling miserable, my eyes were wet. I have been wearing the same few T-shirt for the whole year. Even last year Christmas Caroling, I needed to borrow one white Long sleeve shirt from my church mate coz I do not have a white shirt.

But I knew God has a purpose for me and I needed to press on.

Now upon hearing this piece of news, I knew where I am heading to. Praise the Lord.

The past one year was tough if without God's help and His gift of faith for me, it is humanly impossible for me to do what I have done.

Outwardly, I am still working really hard for financial support as my venture has showed little result but I knew a breakthrough is coming .........

Inwardly, I know the God is leading me by my side and am taking every step by Faith.

Life Is Not Fare, but God is Good!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Lamb of God - We Choose To Trust In You!

Faith ends where worry begins,
and worry ends where faith begins.
O Lord, whenever we're afraid,
we'll put our trust in You
To lead, protect, and guide our ways,
And help us make it through.
Lamb of God Gift of Faith

Friday, October 20, 2006

Lamb of God - My Dad Changed!

After that incident, my dad started to change.

He told my mum that he would not follow my uncle job hopped because of some minor disagreement with the colleagues. And he really meant it.

After another quarrel with a colleague, my uncle left the factory but my dad insisted staying on.

Whenever my dad met some unpleasant encounters at the factory, when he came home, he would not throw his temper the way he used to, instead, he just complained to us.

My dad had changed, as times went by, he became even more mellow. Praise the Lord for the transformation.

But my mum's feeling towards him did not improve.

When my dad's business came crushing down, my dad could not get a job, my mum did not complain, she just went out to get a job after staying home as a house wife for more than 20 years.

She worked in McDonald's, or worked as a tea lady in the office, she did all the hardwork including washing the toilets. My mum was a tough woman. I want to thank the Lord for giving me such a wonderful woman as my mum.

I will be most happy if my mum receive Jesus Christ as her savior and Lord. Whenever I brought up the subject of salvation, she would brush it aside, but I will press on!

Lord, help me! I want to see all my family members saved.

Lamb of God Gift of Faith

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lamb of God - My Dad Was About To Jump Down And I Did Not Stop Him!

Eventually, my dad closed his furniture shop.

Since young my impression of my dad was he was a very bad tempered person.

I could still remembered when I was around 4 year-old (I had superb memory when I was a little boy) staying in Christmas Island, one night my dad and my mum were quarrelling, I was on the canvass bed and they were just standing around my bed. My dad was yelling at my mum, I remembered my mum asked him to stop yelling coz' we (my younger sister and me) were so frightened and crying, but he did not.

Since young, my dad always made a big fuss out of very little thing. He would slammed the door, he also liked to slam the hammer (he was a carpenter, so he had all these tools) against the table, I guess this was his way for letting out his frustration, but praise the Lord, he never hit us.
He quit smoking when he had an asthmatic attack, he was not a drinker though he loved a can of beer a day. Though he did not really gamble at the race course or at the casino, he spent a lot of money on 4-D and Toto. A few hundred dollars each week.

When we were little children, my sister and I used to complain why we had such a horrible father. How nice if our father was like someone's father.

Anyway, looking back now, he was not that very worst, at least he supported us our study and he was faithful to my mum. Praise the Lord.

When he closed down his business, he and his brother (my uncle) started working for people, people used to be his suppliers. It was tough, he was the boss but now he had to take orders from those he used to give orders.

Both of them could not take it, they quarreled with colleagues and bosses and they job hopped.

The dad's temper was getting worse, almost everyday, he quarreled with my mum.

One night, I was awaken in the middle of the night because they were quarrelling in the bedroom, I had to jump down from my bed and shouted at their room to ask them to 'shut up' as I needed to work the following day.

The water kept boiling until one evening, they were quarrelling again. This time, my dad smashed a glass cup onto the floor, my mum was so angry, she asked him to "go to die". My dad was so mad that he lost his senses, took his key to open the door, wanting to jump down from our apartment at the 10th storey.

My sis and I were just standing next to the door, we did not stop him. In fact, we always wanted to live our lives without him, we had so much pain in us that we wished he was not our dad.

We were looking at him fumbling to open the main door to the corridor as if he was a stranger to us. It was really sad!

The moment he was about to open the door, my mum shorted at us "Stop him, no matter what has happened, he is your father!", we woke up and pulled him back. My mind was totally blank then. I was like a robot following instruction, I and my sister pulled him back, forced him to sit down and tried to calm him down.

Until now, I am still not sure why I did not stop him.
Was I really had no feeling for him or I did not believe he would jump down.

But, praise the Lord, at least the worst did not happen that I would regret for the rest of my life.

Lamb of God Gift of Faith